Project Description

Client: Woodstock IT
Location: Faygate
Scope of Work: Office move

Our regular client was looking to move office within an old farm building, this was going to create issues with containment and cable routes as the network cabling was not thought about by the owner of the unit who had it refurbished prior to the new client taking the keys.

The work that this IT Company does, requires them to have a stable network with plenty of expansion to grow into, as their workshop becomes busy. This was also going to need a large communications cabinet for the size of the company. As opposed to having a small wall cabinet that could be hidden we were requested to install a 42U 800 x 800 cabinet. With the size of the office we would never be able to hide this so we offered the client an LED upgrade so that we can make a feature out of the cabinet. Taking my advice they now love it. They have a new CAT6 network supporting their workshop and first floor office space. This is backed up with a feature of the communications cabinet that their clients can admire. Our client was very happy with the installation.

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