Data Centre Installations

JTEK UK are specialists in data infrastructure and data networks. We have implemented many data centre installations ranging from large corporate projects to smaller data centres across the UK. We provide a complete data centre installation service from project management, integration, and testing.

Whether we are working for large organisations or small businesses we provide the same level of service and attention to detail. You can view some of our recent projects here.

Our data centre installations team are fully qualified and we maintain standards in line with the latest legislation.

We work closely with electrical contractors and main contractors to push the project towards its tight time frame.

Our data centre installations team focus on meeting deadlines while maintaining high standards. If you would like more information about our data centre installation services please contact us here.

Data Centre Installations
Data Centre Installations UK

Data Cabling

A data centre installation requires a robust cabling system to ensure consistent and dependable connection to all devices. A well thought out and planned cabling system will be concealed, tidy and non-intrusive. We understand that data centres are ever growing environments so cabling infrastructures need to offer flexibility without disruption to day to day working.

JTEk UK specialising in CAT5e to CAT7A, fibre optical, AV, CCTV, Multimedia and voice cabling. Whether the project is large or small we design the optimal cabling architecture for the data centre.

Data Centre Installations

Even small data centres with a few servers require a considerable amount of cables. It is important to plan data cabling infrastructure to accommodate growth. Virtually every device in a data centre is connected to another device. To ensure a fully optimised configuration it is important that the right cable is used to perform the task. We ensure that the data cabling configuration is cost-effective without compromising on cable quality. This is achieved by properly planning the installation and by understanding the potential growth within the data centre.

For a large data centre installation, everything naturally becomes more complex. We have successfully completed some very large data centre installations such as our Sainsbury installation in London, Sutton. We met the tight deadline with no sign of running over. All elements of the data centre installation are at the highest standards, we invited the cable manufacturer to attend site so they could inspect and give us their feedback and if there was anything we could improve on. Find our more about our London Sainsbury project here.

Gas Extraction Systems

JTEK UK are specialists in Gas Extraction Systems. We plan and design a gas extraction system ensuring that the installation meets legislative standards. Whilst ensuring that the gas extraction system is optimised to perform at its very best while protection staff and premises we also ensure that the gas extraction system is aesthetically pleasing.

By implementing careful planning and design we keep business disruption to a minimum. This includes both the installation stage and the ongoing maintenance of the gas extraction system.

Gas Extraction Systems

Fire Damper Installation

A Fire damper offers fire protection in heating and air conditioning ducts. The main purpose of a fire damper is to prevent the spread of fire.

Within seconds a small fire can grow into a major fire, potentially cutting off exit ways. Fire dampers will contain the fire within the room where the fire started.

JTEK UK has installed many fire dampers throughout the UK. We fully comply with the latest code of practice for ventilation and air conditioning ductwork.

Fire Dampers

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Friendly, professional approach to the job from start to finish. Good job!

J-Tek represents my company. We no longer do data cabling in-house as his team do it far better, quicker and are up to date with all guidelines. I am very impressed with the work J-Tek carry out for us and would not use anyone else.

We have been working with J-TEK for over 3 years and can only say great things about the products and services they have provided us. After completing a large project in 2014 our client and our project managers are very satisfied with the end result. It is often that we give J-TEK tight deadlines from our demanding clients, something they always seem to complete.