Project Description

Client: Asset Management Company
Location: London
Scope of Work: Data Centre Upgrade

Following 6 years of making do with their UK data room being too small the decision to upgrade and expand was made. This was going to have to be done while all services remained up and running. To ensure that there was a smooth installation for not only us the installers but also for the client, there had to be meticulous planning and tight deadlines that were planned for the works so that any down time would be for as short a time as possible and while the data traffic was at its lowest.

Installation of new APC45U server cabinets need to be relocated and space made for an additional 4 APC45U cabinets. While this was going on the removal of the main uplinks and wiring frames had to be carried out to create space for the new four post frames, to help with the weight load that was expected of them. All the time that this was happening there needed to be no signs of systems not performing.

With great work and communications with ourselves, the UK IT team and the USA IT team we managed to turn this around within three weeks from start to finish, that included changing every fibre optic cable and copper cable linking the whole data room from within.

Installation of a new fibre optic network between the new communications cabinets was provided into new subframes, these were suspended from the new wiring frames and the server cabinets to free up space.

Installation of a new 48 way CAT6 Siemon uplinks were carried out that would also be within the subframes suspended above the server cabinets.

New CPI cable runway ladder was installed to create a new pathway above the server cabinets and the wiring frames with an idea of future expansion space of 50%.

A new patching practice was implemented to save space within the wiring frames so typical horizontal management bars were no longer needed by using 0.25mtr patch cables.

They were pleased with the install and have consequently asked to quote for future works.

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